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loot for the day.

Published July 31, 2012 by princeshinkei

I usually work two shifts on Sundays as a waitress versus one night shift from Monday to Saturday.  I didn’t plan on doing much sewing so I decided to go buy some materials for other cosplays in between my shifts.  Turns out I no longer have to work the night shifts on Sundays leaving me the rest of the day free.  I had already planned on going out so I just decided to go to the mall.

I stopped by the bubble tea stand at the mall to say hello to a friend that works there.  We had a small chat about our lives and cosplay.  Found out her motivation to cosplay wasn’t with her this summer so she’s taking a small break from it, but I hope she finds that motivation again.  She’s a really great cosplayer and seamstress.

I took about an hour deciding what I wanted to drink.  It started getting busy, so I left her to her work.  I called up another friend to hang out, but she didn’t have a ride here, so I ended up going to her house to pick her up.

To my surprise, she gave me a cute Meiko figure for taking the trouble to go pick her up.


By the time we got back to the mall, we only had about one and a half hour before it closed. We went to look for some things I needed but I didn’t find anything. For the remainder, we went into F21 and tried on random clothing. I didn’t intend on buying anything knowing there was nothing I wanted to buy, but we passed by the sales section…lol

Ended up buying two cute sweaters and since it was buy one get one free, she and I split the cost of one item and I let her have her pick of the free item.  The total was $16.25 for three clothing items which I thought was pretty good.

Despite the mall closing, the department stores stay open one hour later.  We headed towards the makeup section of Belk since I needed some new eyeliner.  Went to M.A.C. and tried on some gel eyeliner.  The makeup artist that catered to us was really nice.  I drew on my eyeliner really nicely to where the makeup artist there was in awe and waved over another makeup artist to show how precise I did my makeup.

In the end, I left the mall with some clothes and gel eyeliner.  We went over to eat at a Japanese/Chinese restaurant where my other friend worked as a hostess.  My friend was also nice enough to pay for my dinner as well for driving her around.

I was craving sushi so I got eel, salmon, and salmon roe sushi.

salmon roe

I also got a salmon tempura sushi platter.


She got a vegetable pad-thai which was also yummy as well.

pad thai

I didn’t get much sewing done, but it’s nice to get out once in a while.  Take a break.  Sorry for the long post this time, and this post should be dated for Sunday.

skirt lining.

Published July 29, 2012 by princeshinkei

Today I will line my skirt.  I’ve never actually lined any of my skirts before, but Flandre’s skirt calls for it.  She has ruffles on the bottom of the lining for the skirt inside.  My last outfit I made for her, I cheated and attached the ruffles to the hem on the inside of the skirt so it looked like there was lining inside, but there really wasn’t.  I decided I’m going to go all out on this cosplay this time around, so I’ll actually attach lining.

This is the skirt without lining.
skirt no lining

The white part actually turned out larger than the red cloth on the outside, so I had to gather it a bit
pins and lining

To be honest, I was really anxious to seeing how this would turn out since I had no prior experience in doing this. I kind of visualized how I thought it would turned out, and it turned out nicely!
lining sewed

Annnnddd, this is the skirt! Not done yet, but it looks pretty. You can’t see the lining, but there will be ruffles on the bottom of it soon enough.

Ruffles and gathering next~ Can’t wait!

pattern drafting.

Published July 27, 2012 by princeshinkei

Summer is almost over for me and I’ll have to go back to school and such.  I’ve been procrastinating long enough and I didn’t work on any of my cosplays.  Only thing I did was fix the buttons for my Starry Sky outfit by handsewing.  So I decided to start working on my cosplays this week.  I have about 2.5 weeks left before I go back to school.  I wonder if I can finish on time…

I began drafting a circle skirt for my Flandre cosplay.  The outfit I made for her the first time was horrid.  I didn’t even finish on time, I left out details and really I felt awful that I did such a bad job.  I’m no pro at sewing, but I could have done better.  The skirt was the worst part of the cosplay, so I’m starting off with the skirt this time.

That was taken by my baby sister [she’s like 8 but still a baby sister to me] of me drafting the outfit.  Like the toy animals I used as paperweights?

me drafting

This was the outcome of the pattern.  I washed my Kona Cotton cloth to preshrink it and the fabric actually shrunk…so I ended up having to open up the whole piece of cloth and cut two pieces rather than just cutting once on folded fabric.  I don’t like seams…but it couldn’t be helped.  Is it possible to buy preshrunk fabric?

circle on cloth

no internet.

Published July 27, 2012 by princeshinkei

So basically I live on the internet right?  Well my parents shut off my internet at 11PM everyday, that is if they don’t forget or fall asleep.  Most the time it goes off by 11, but today’s not one of those days.  It’s to make me go to bed earlier, but I can’t sleep that early.  I end up laying in bed staring at the ceiling.  I end up wearing my wigs and take random pictures or even video makeup tutorials and post it on youtube later.
I actually made a makeup tutorial yesterday out of boredom and thought I’d share a picture of the outcome.  I intend on cosplaying Inori at the next anime convention I’m going to.

attempt no. [insert number here]

Published July 23, 2012 by princeshinkei

I was never one to blog or write in journals and dairies.  I would start but lose interest in them just as quickly.  Fact is I don’t do much in my daily life as there isn’t much to do around where I live.  I’m an internet addict; I spend all my time on there.  I barely leave the house for anything besides work and picking up items I ordered online from a friend.  I will occasionally go to the mall to buy clothes or just to get out, but other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.

I am notorious for cam whoring and will take photos of just about anything.  I also cosplay and attend conventions.  I enjoy sewing my own cosplays since I feel a sense of satisfaction that I have accomplished something.  I also run a wig batch shop as a side job to help me pay for cosplay costs and what not alongside with a job as a waitress.  Though I sew my own cosplays, I hope to start sewing my own outfits just for casual occasions.  I’m one of the biggest procrastinators there are and I am just LAZY.  I keep trying to change it but I just end up being lazy and not trying.  I end up not sewing much and I regret it.  So I decided, that I should start a blog posting all the things I sew and WIPs of the garment I’m making.  Luckily, I have some cosplays I need to make right now so I will have entries to post.  I just hope I keep it up, unlike my previous attempts.