attempt no. [insert number here]

Published July 23, 2012 by princeshinkei

I was never one to blog or write in journals and dairies.  I would start but lose interest in them just as quickly.  Fact is I don’t do much in my daily life as there isn’t much to do around where I live.  I’m an internet addict; I spend all my time on there.  I barely leave the house for anything besides work and picking up items I ordered online from a friend.  I will occasionally go to the mall to buy clothes or just to get out, but other than that, my life is pretty uneventful.

I am notorious for cam whoring and will take photos of just about anything.  I also cosplay and attend conventions.  I enjoy sewing my own cosplays since I feel a sense of satisfaction that I have accomplished something.  I also run a wig batch shop as a side job to help me pay for cosplay costs and what not alongside with a job as a waitress.  Though I sew my own cosplays, I hope to start sewing my own outfits just for casual occasions.  I’m one of the biggest procrastinators there are and I am just LAZY.  I keep trying to change it but I just end up being lazy and not trying.  I end up not sewing much and I regret it.  So I decided, that I should start a blog posting all the things I sew and WIPs of the garment I’m making.  Luckily, I have some cosplays I need to make right now so I will have entries to post.  I just hope I keep it up, unlike my previous attempts.

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