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school shot.

Published August 25, 2012 by princeshinkei

Just a random shot of me at school.  XD
I was wearing fynale – Gara Brown lenses.


enter school.

Published August 21, 2012 by princeshinkei

So school has started and there’s hardly any time for me to sew now since I attend to school and work two jobs.  Dx  As far as sewing goes, I’m in a costume design class so I’m really looking forward to that class!
I went out to the mall on the way from buying fabric for my Inori outfit and ended up buying more clothes…

That’s what I wore to school…reminder to not wear heels.  Oh dear, my feet died.  DX


And new clothes!!


I can’t stay on a set style can I?  One moment I’m wearing pink and frilly things, next thing you know it’s all black.  .-.


new haircut.

Published August 15, 2012 by princeshinkei

I thought it was time to get my hair cut so I decided to go get it snipped.  XD  Went to a Korean hair salon and I got it shampooed, cut, and styled for $30.  It’s not much different from my previous hairstyle, but the bangs were trimmed and the hair was layered a bit more this time.  I actually didn’t like how the bangs turned out so I ended up cutting it shorter when I got home.  Along with getting haircuts, I met up with a friend and we ate at a Korean tofu house, a ramen shop, went to a Korean bakery, then ate asian shaved ice.  I was stuffed. lol  We wanted to go to karaoke but I didn’t have time since I went out of state to get the haircut and I had to drive back.


two times the blouse.

Published August 11, 2012 by princeshinkei

I started working on my blouse for Flandre, and I decided rather than making a plain blouse, I should spice it up a bit.  I will make a lolita blouse with lace and ruffles!  The blouse will sadly be covered by the red vest on the outside anyways, so I’m adding a lot of extra details needed to the blouse.

Started drafting it and what not.


There’s so many pieces for this blouse versus a normal blouse would have a back piece, two front pieces, sleeves, collar, and 1-2 other pieces.  This one takes like 5 pieces to make up the back piece.  I’m actually following a pattern from my Gosu Rori Sewing magazine and since it’s all in Japanese, I wasn’t sure whether to put seam allowance or not and ended up messing up.  I actually cut all the pieces out already and sewed the back together to realize the pieces don’t match.  I tried to add extra length to the pieces here and there, but it just didn’t work, so I had to redraft everything, add seam allowance and etc.  Lucky enough I bought almost enough cloth to cover up for my mistake, but I still had to buy a little extra since I ran out.

This was the part of the back; it called for shirring which is also a new technique I haven’t tried before.  I feel like I’ve been working with a lot of elastic lately.  o.o


I thought making the blouse was really fun getting to add so much detail into it.  I thought the ribbon was a nice finishing touch; now I can’t wait to see the result!


taking break.

Published August 8, 2012 by princeshinkei

I admit I haven’t been sewing lately, but with tax free weekend and friends visiting, I’ve been out shopping and hanging out.  A friend came down from another state just for visiting so my friends and I all hung out with him for the day.  We went to eat Korean and I finally ate Bulgogi!!  We went to the mall afterwards and somehow or another I ended up coming out with some new ear piercings along with two of my friends.