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new haircut.

Published August 15, 2012 by princeshinkei

I thought it was time to get my hair cut so I decided to go get it snipped.  XD  Went to a Korean hair salon and I got it shampooed, cut, and styled for $30.  It’s not much different from my previous hairstyle, but the bangs were trimmed and the hair was layered a bit more this time.  I actually didn’t like how the bangs turned out so I ended up cutting it shorter when I got home.  Along with getting haircuts, I met up with a friend and we ate at a Korean tofu house, a ramen shop, went to a Korean bakery, then ate asian shaved ice.  I was stuffed. lol  We wanted to go to karaoke but I didn’t have time since I went out of state to get the haircut and I had to drive back.