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review: rainbowholic shopping service.

Published November 11, 2012 by princeshinkei

I wanted to do a review on a Japanese shopping service I recently purchased from here.
My friends decided to buy me this outfit from the Japanese store Putumayo for my birthday, so they all just forwarded me the money so I could go ahead and buy it online.  Sadly, this store doesn’t have an English site, and doesn’t ship internationally, so I had to find a shopping service.  I stumbled across rainbowholic and the owner of the page Kaila.  I emailed her my order and she replied back to me shortly after.  She made sure everything was correct before the order was placed and she is very friendly.
Kaila would tell me when she had received my money, when she placed the order, when it arrived at her doorsteps, and when she had shipped it out.  She also provided me a tracking number for my package and told me it would arrive in 4-7 days.   EMS shipping was used, and with my experience with EMS, I always got my package in 3 days, and to my delight, it was at my doorsteps in three days!

Packaged with rainbow deco tape~  XD

It says “otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu”; Kaila was nice enough to write a small birthday note to me after I mentioned it to her!  >3<  Thank you!
The package was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap.

Wahh, she was even nicer to include a bunch of Japanese goodies as well!  I thought the bag was too  cute, and I really liked the almond chocolate sweets [behind the bag of chips].

This is her shop’s business card, I thought it was pretty.  XDD  Keeping the card definitely.


AND…..This is what I bought!  A shirt and earrings from Putumayo~  I loved them soo much!

My first clothing item for my future Putumayo collection!  ;D

This was the earring, couldn’t resist not getting them.  No pictures of the shirt yet, but I will have some soon!

All in all, I would definitely use rainbowholic’s shopping service again.  Really great experience, and you have NO IDEA how much I jumped today when I received my packages.  lol

loot for the day.

Published July 31, 2012 by princeshinkei

I usually work two shifts on Sundays as a waitress versus one night shift from Monday to Saturday.  I didn’t plan on doing much sewing so I decided to go buy some materials for other cosplays in between my shifts.  Turns out I no longer have to work the night shifts on Sundays leaving me the rest of the day free.  I had already planned on going out so I just decided to go to the mall.

I stopped by the bubble tea stand at the mall to say hello to a friend that works there.  We had a small chat about our lives and cosplay.  Found out her motivation to cosplay wasn’t with her this summer so she’s taking a small break from it, but I hope she finds that motivation again.  She’s a really great cosplayer and seamstress.

I took about an hour deciding what I wanted to drink.  It started getting busy, so I left her to her work.  I called up another friend to hang out, but she didn’t have a ride here, so I ended up going to her house to pick her up.

To my surprise, she gave me a cute Meiko figure for taking the trouble to go pick her up.


By the time we got back to the mall, we only had about one and a half hour before it closed. We went to look for some things I needed but I didn’t find anything. For the remainder, we went into F21 and tried on random clothing. I didn’t intend on buying anything knowing there was nothing I wanted to buy, but we passed by the sales section…lol

Ended up buying two cute sweaters and since it was buy one get one free, she and I split the cost of one item and I let her have her pick of the free item.  The total was $16.25 for three clothing items which I thought was pretty good.

Despite the mall closing, the department stores stay open one hour later.  We headed towards the makeup section of Belk since I needed some new eyeliner.  Went to M.A.C. and tried on some gel eyeliner.  The makeup artist that catered to us was really nice.  I drew on my eyeliner really nicely to where the makeup artist there was in awe and waved over another makeup artist to show how precise I did my makeup.

In the end, I left the mall with some clothes and gel eyeliner.  We went over to eat at a Japanese/Chinese restaurant where my other friend worked as a hostess.  My friend was also nice enough to pay for my dinner as well for driving her around.

I was craving sushi so I got eel, salmon, and salmon roe sushi.

salmon roe

I also got a salmon tempura sushi platter.


She got a vegetable pad-thai which was also yummy as well.

pad thai

I didn’t get much sewing done, but it’s nice to get out once in a while.  Take a break.  Sorry for the long post this time, and this post should be dated for Sunday.