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new outfit.

Published November 13, 2012 by princeshinkei

This is my new outfit!  I love it so much~
My Putumayo onepiece paired with my leggings and my Dr. Marten boots~


I was trying on some jeans in the process.  lol



enter school.

Published August 21, 2012 by princeshinkei

So school has started and there’s hardly any time for me to sew now since I attend to school and work two jobs.  Dx  As far as sewing goes, I’m in a costume design class so I’m really looking forward to that class!
I went out to the mall on the way from buying fabric for my Inori outfit and ended up buying more clothes…

That’s what I wore to school…reminder to not wear heels.  Oh dear, my feet died.  DX


And new clothes!!


I can’t stay on a set style can I?  One moment I’m wearing pink and frilly things, next thing you know it’s all black.  .-.